Krones Revenge

A link bonds them

It started out simple enough, four adventurers looking to make a dime. Haras, a tank of a cleric who does her dieties work through her sword. Ment, never the one to fight, this man can talk his way out of hell if he had too. Bakastien, as mysterious as he is swift, his swords will become legendary. All of them simply looking for more, unknowingly, they found it. But thwarting a small slavers camp isn’t nearly the start they soon find out after a mysterious encounter with a pair of psuedodragons leads them to a strange tower, where against there will, they are put under a curse. Now they must choose, save an empire and end their plight, or lush in their new powers and serve the great dragon.


AdlerBryanC AdlerBryanC

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